Recommendations and tips from our first ever #girlswanktoo event.

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The Satisfier Pro 2

The Satisfier Pro 2

Fun fact: the company Hitachi made the magic wand made originally as a back massager, then when so many women started using it for masturbation hitachi took their name off of it.

  • Also,  if you’re feeling like you need to talk through which toys are right for you, pop into Sh Women Store in Hoxton where you can have an open conversation about what it is you’re looking for and they’ll help you find the right one. 


There’s a lot of feminist porn out there, but unfortunately, because the porn industry is so male dominated, a lot of the feminist content is not free. Here are some top tips on where to find the best erotic content at a low cost. 

“A good tip is to look for porn when you're not turned on and save things you like" - Ruby Stevenson from Brook at the #GirlsWankToo Event.

Erika Lust

Erika Lust

  • Try Hentai and animated porn because then you won’t worry as much about the people in the porn and whether or not they’re enjoying it
  • Four Chambers is a great female run porn service. 
  • Literotica is an audio masturbation tool. they have stories and guides which can help you stay in your own head but feel guided by someone. 
  • Lustery is the home of real life partners, filming their sex lives, behind closed doors. Pay a monthly subscription to get full access, however some of the films are free. 
  • OMG Yes a new source of information on how to experience pleasure. With scientific explanations as well as personal stories, this is a great platform for you to enrich your sexual relationship with yourself. 
  • Erika Lust is a female provocateur and erotic film director creating a new world of indie adult cinema.


“When I talk about masturbation I call it solo-sex, masturbation is seen as a substitute of the real thing but it’s actually a really healthy form of sex so we should call it that. Solo-sex is such an important foundation into our sex lives.” Ruby Stevenson


Wank is a word we all associate with men, so why don’t we think of a new word for a female wank? At our event, audience member Faye suggested 'DJ' be used as our new word for wanking. Do you have your own word for having a wank? Send them to us and we’ll post our faves online!

“At school, boys get taught about masturbation when girls learn about periods. It’s ridiculous, we need to teach young people about it.” - Alice Skinner

“In a friendship group it only takes one person to come out about doing it (Wanking) and everything can change” - Ruby Stevenson

take action

The great thing about this campaign is that we’re not trying to change the law, or raise a load of money. With #girlswanktoo all we want to do is break down the stigma of female masturbation. So, this week, if you do one thing, talk to at least one person about female pleasure and #girlswanktoo. Each person you speak to will mean we’re one person closer to having a world where wanking is a shame-free, fun, and normal experience.