The revolution will be pink & posted on Instagram


The Pink Protest is a community of activists committed to engaging in action and supporting each other. To date, we have been a part of changing two UK laws through engaging the power of young people & utilising online activism.

We are the home of the #FreePeriods movement, and exist in various mediums; from regular IRL events, to online video content, to actual real-life protests. Founded by Scarlett Curtis (Sunday Times Style columnist), Grace Campbell (Riot Girls, Channel 4), Honey Ross and Alice Skinner (Artist & Illustrator, The Revolution Handbook)  The Pink Protest aims to redefine what activism means to young people.  We want to create a way for  activism to be not just accessible, but also fun.

Our weekly Instagram series 'On Wednesday's We Wear Pink and Protest' highlights one action YOU can take each week to start your mission as an activist today. Our regular campaigns and video series provide an easy, exciting and fun way for young people across the globe to get involved with real, grassroots activism. Our goal is highlight the work already being done by young activists and use our resources to build up their campaigns and create a global movement of young people who want to change the world. 

To join the Pink Protest all you have to do is follow us on Instagram. It's really that easy. You can also email us at hello@pinkprotest.org and sign up below to stay in touch.