Football and feminism are both huge parts of our culture and everyday lives, but rarely have they been brought together and forced to get along.

In this podcast, comedian and feminist activist Grace Campbell, and her father, that well-known guy from politics, Alastair Campbell, bring Grace’s obsession of feminism, and Alastair’s obsession of football together to create what they hope is a fun and thought provoking podcast.

Each week they’ll be joined by people from varying industries to chat football, feminism, and everything in between. The guests will vary from football (Burnley manager Sean Dyche) to feminism (countdown star Rachel Riley) to anything else in between (Ed Miliband, Kelly Holmes, and Josh Widdecombe).


Grace Campbell is a comedian and activist who is fast making a name for herself as a feisty feminist stand-up. Grace is currently writing her debut solo-show to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. The show, Why I’m Never Going Into Politics, tells Grace’s story of growing up in politics and why she feels her life so far has meant she could never be a politician. As an activist, Grace co-founded the feminist, law-changing, activist collective, the Pink Protest.

Alastair Campbell is a writer, communicator and strategist best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications. Alastair is a lifelong Burnley fan and sometimes even a pundit for Burnley FC. Alastair is still very active in politics, mainly focussing his energy on mental health causes, and trying to stop Brexit. He is very excited to be venturing into the podcast world with his daughter.


What does the F-word mean to you? Journalist and activist Scarlett Curtis interviews inspiring women about what feminism means to them, and why it matters.

This podcast contains some strong opinions, very honest discussions and women who could change your life.


Episode 1: Saoirse Ronan

Episode 2: Jameela Jamil

Episode 3: Grace Campbell & Amika George

Episode 4: Gemma Arterton

Episode 5: Helen Fielding

Episode 6: Elyse Fox

Episode 7: Deborah Frances-White, Liv Little, Grace Campbell

Episode 8: Charlie Craggs, Tasha Bishop, Nimco Ali

Episode 9: Alison Sudol

Episode 10: Beanie Feldstein

Episode 11: Angela Yee

Episode 12: Lolly Adefope

Episode 13: Audiobook Special

Episode 14: Tanya Burr & Amika George

Episode 15: Emily Odesser

Episode 16: Zoe Sugg


Bringing Up Us is a podcast hosted by Matilda Sturridge. After falling pregnant at 21 and becoming a single mother soon after her son was born, Matilda experienced a non-traditional nosedive into being a parent. This podcast hopes to explore all the bold and beautiful ways that people's journeys evolve as they raise their families. We all know that life is never simple or straight forward so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect parents? How do you bring up a child when you're still growing up yourself? With a host of incredible guests, Bringing Up Us hopes that by delving into peoples narratives we realise that there is no set path.

Join us every Wednesday for new episodes featuring intimate interviews with a line up of amazing women including Jessie Cave, Bryony Gordon, Natalie Lee, Emma Freud & many more!

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The Body Protest is a podcast hoping to uncover the hidden journey of the relationship you have with yourself. Exploring the individual obstacles that makes everyone’s journey of self-love complicated and occasionally treacherous, we hope to unify people with the common understanding that the struggle to love ones self, is very real. We hope to explore themes of race, toxic masculinity, eating disorders and general pressures put on us by the media and how these factors altered the journeys of individual guests.

With Nadia Craddock, Body Image Researcher, and Honey Ross, plus sized writer and activist - we combine the wonderful duo of scientific facts and research with a more emotional lens, to provide a well-rounded and informative look at the very personal, and often commodified journey of self-love

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Produced by The Pink Protest. Edited by Shola Aleje.

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